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If a single component in your car isn’t working, the rest of the system won’t either. This is especially the case with a car battery that isn’t working. It performs several important functions:

  • Supplies the electrical currents needed to start your engine. In other words, it provides power to your vehicle.
  • It allows your vehicle to operate when the engine isn’t running.
  • It acts as a voltage stabilizer for your vehicle’s electrical system.

Batteries last about 7 to 10 years, depending on how often you use your car and how well you take care of it. With time, your battery starts losing its ability to hold a charge. If your battery keeps dying, you most likely require car battery replacement. Amarz Muffler & Auto Service can help!

Battery Replacement


For changing a car battery or any auto repair, recurring to a reliable auto mechanic is essential. While you could get car battery replacement anywhere else, recurring to an expert will always save you from unwanted repairs, expenses, and even accidents.

At Amarz Muffler & Auto Service, we do more than battery replacement. We ensure your entire system is in top condition. Our mechanic will test the viability of your battery. Lack of power isn’t necessarily related to a dead battery. For this reason, we’ll run a thorough diagnosis to find the root cause.

If your battery needs a replacement, rest assured our team of professionals will deliver. Our car battery replacement services start by determining which battery is better suited for your car. Then we quickly and efficiently replace it. Our goal is to help you have your vehicle up and running in no time.

Common signs your battery might need replacement:

  • You need to boost-start your car frequently
  • The engine turns over slower
  • Dash lights dim and flicker
  • Windows move way slower when the engine’s off
  • There’s excessive corrosion in the cables and terminals
  • The battery and alternator warning light is on


Some batteries have issues that can be fixed instead of getting an entirely new battery for car. If your vehicle doesn’t need battery replacement, our team of technicians will carefully inspect your car battery to determine what battery repair needs to be done.

We’ll test the battery’s condition, clean and remove rust, tighten up loose hold-down clamps and terminals, etc. Amarz Muffler & Auto Service gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll be safe on the roads.


You can trust us whenever you need a car battery replacement for any brand, make, and model. Our updated knowledge & technology can assist with installing a car battery of any sort, such as hybrid battery replacement.

Furthermore, we know what you are truly looking for in its cost-effectiveness. Whether it is your individual-use car, your work vehicle, or even an entire fleet, secure the best car battery replacement cost with our affordable solutions.

We are a dependable choice not only for a battery repair shop in Greater Toronto but for complete car repair. Car (905) 564 – 0090 to assist with any car battery replacement & repair today!


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