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The Best Brake Shop in Mississauga, Ontario

While driving, your brakes are the first line of defense. When something doesn’t feel right, or you think something might be wrong with your brakes, you should have them immediately serviced by our brake shop in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, and Etobicoke. Regular inspections can help prevent a large brake repair bill down the line.

Our Brake Services Identify Problems & Help You Solve Them

When you step on the brakes, hydraulic pressure is used to press on the brake pads, causing them to slide onto the stopping brake rotor or drum. Continuous use of your brakes will cause friction to break them down over time, so if you are looking for the best brake repair in Mississauga, come to Amarz Muffler & Auto Service. We provide the best quality deals at affordable rates.

Why Choose Our Brake Shop?

Not every brake center is the same. It’s crucial that you know you’re servicing your car with a quality brake specialist that won’t put your safety at risk. Our brake shop exceeds expectations because:

  • We have the experience, with in-depth knowledge and expertise in diagnosing and resolving brake issues.
  • We only use quality parts and tools, sourcing top-of-the-line components from trusted manufacturers.
  • We are trained in exceptional customer service, providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • We offer competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Reasons You Need To Bring Your Car To Our Brake Shop

Brake problems can come in any shape or form, but sometimes they are easier to identify than you think. We have the best team of mechanics taking care of repair and maintenance in the Mississauga region, so you can be confident when bringing in your vehicle if you experience any of the following:

  • Squealing or grinding when braking
  • Pulling to one side when braking
  • Vibration or pulsing in the brake pedal
  • Pedal travels further than normal
  • Does the brake light on the dashboard stays on, or is it flashing
  • Reduced brake responsiveness

A safe, reliable braking system is fundamental, so Amarz Muffler & Auto Service conducts top-of-the-line inspections and maintenance for your brakes.

Brake Shop & Brake Maintenance FAQ

Your brakes should be checked yearly or according to your car manufacturer. Frequent checks aid in spotting potential problems early and stopping expensive repairs later.

The duration of a brake repair service depends on the issue and the extent of repairs required. Our skilled technicians work diligently to minimize any inconvenience without compromising quality.

Driving with worn brake pads is not advisable, as it can significantly affect your ability to stop quickly and safely. It’s essential to have your brake pads replaced when they show signs of wear and reduce the possibility of a road accident.

The cost of a brake repair can vary, including the specific issue, the make and model of your vehicle, and the type of parts used for repairs. At Amarz Muffler & Auto Service, we offer competitive and transparent pricing for our brake repair services. If you want to learn more about our prices, call (905) 564-0090 or contact us!

Are You in Need of Professional Brake Services? Call Us!

Having a safe, reliable braking system is extremely important. Any brake inspection must look at the most common areas: brake pads and rotors, brake calipers and brake lines (including hoses), and emergency brake function. We offer the best brake repair in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, and Toronto. You can always count on us for top-quality deals at affordable rates.

Are You in Need of Professional Brake Services
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