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Everything You Need To Know About Tire Repair

Everything You Need To Know About Tire Repair

Everything You Need To Know About Tire Repair – Patching & More

Whenever your vehicle has to be repaired, it is usually flooded with doubts. For safety and convenience purposes, you want to make sure you take the proper steps when you need car repairs and tire repair, for instance.

We all know that our tires have to be replaced when too old. Still, when unexpected damage happens, there is the possibility of getting tire repair in some cases. If you have a flat tire and are parked because you don’t know what to do next, this blog will help you out. Read everything you need to know about tire repair and replacement here!

Is It Better To Patch A Tire Or Get A New One?

In other words, what you want to know is if you need tire repair or replacement. When referring to tire patching, we mean the entire process from vulcanizing to plugging and patching the interior. It is a great fix if you do it with a professional. Later on, we’ll be showing you how to do this.

Professional tire repair is important for a few different reasons. First and foremost, it provides an accurate diagnosis of the problem and the solution. The top recommendation we can make as experts in auto inspections and repairs is to inspect the tire once it’s dismounted. This way, we check the tire from the inside out. Additionally, the mechanic will consider the tire’s history, such as previous repairs, etc.

After inspection, following up with the proper procedure is vital, from sealing to vulcanizing and so on. A professional technique also guarantees to use the same product lines for tire repair chemicals. It gives you better and safe results

How Long Can You Ride On A Repaired Tired?

This is another reason why we would recommend professional tire repair. If you get your tired patched only as a “quick fix,” the results will also expire shortly. Tire repair is long-term when it follows the correct procedure that we described. If you stick with expert tire repair, it will be the most cost-effective option whenever it is possible to do so.

When Can A Tire Not Be Patched?

Professional tire repair can quickly solve your problems. Now you know it is a safe fix that can restore your vehicle’s mobility. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the solution, and there are times when you will need tire replacement. Essentially, if you have any of these scenarios, you want to get your tires replaced:

  • The puncture is located outside the thread belt package: The belt package keeps the tire rigid but flexible enough for bumps. Patching the tire outside the area, meaning the shoulders or sidewall, isn’t recommended.
  • The puncture exceeds ¼’’ diameter: This measure is based on manufacturer warranties since they are essential for tire repair.
  • There are multiple punctures without enough distance apart: Sometimes, you can have various tire punctures. In this case, the maximum amount of holes safe to repair is two. Additionally, you have to consider the space between the two. If they are less than 16 inches apart, you must opt for replacement.
  • Existing tire repairs overlap: If you have gotten tire repair in the past, you can still get more use out of your tires as long as the puncture doesn’t overlap.

Where Can You Get Professional Tire Repair?

We’ve cleared the most frequent doubts regarding tire repair. Now, it all boils down to knowing where to get your tires serviced. If you want tire repair in Toronto and Mississauga, we are the ones to help. At Amarz Auto Service, our certified mechanics are trained and skilled in tire inspections and repair. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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