Windshield Services Cost in Mississauga

Clients will always look for the best deals for windshield services, and auto shops here in Mississauga are always trying to offer them. We will give you a little help. While focusing on looking for the best deals is essential, it is necessary to learn about the actual costs of windshield services. We break them down here.

Reviewing Windshield Services & Costs

Windshield services can cover repair or replacement. Below you’ll find the price ranges for each service and how their pricing to understand better how much your budget has to be. Keep in mind that a proper inspection of the damage will guarantee the best estimate:

  • Windshield replacement cost Mississauga: The price range stays from $150 to $400 (rounded up), with the average being $200. How high or low your windshield replacement cost in Mississauga will be determined by the size of your vehicle. Small cars cost more, medium to large trucks will naturally cost more to repair. Some special features on your windshield might make it harder to repair.
  • Windshield repair cost Mississauga: This range is typical $80 to $120. It may seem like the most affordable option from windshield services. Still, it is only applicable if the damage is repairable.
  • Repair vs. Replacement? Again, it truly depends if the chip or crack is repairable. Taking a guess based on the imperfection size can be erred because sometimes, chips or cracks that can appear to be small may need windshield replacement. The windshield services you will get can also be determined by your glass configurations. Your mechanic will let you know when you will need a replacement.

The Best Costs, At What Cost?

Many installers can compromise quality with cheaper materials and parts in the eagerness to compete against other companies offering windshield services. Faulty repairs can cause more harm than good.

Price is significant but also is a quality product. Risking your safety to pay less isn’t worth it. These thoughts always come to mind to us as a business. Our experience in the industry helps us provide fairly-priced services AND top-quality services.

We also provide safety inspections, and from that, we’ve learned a lot of things. For instance, many vehicle owners wonder, “Will a cracked windshield pass inspection in Ontario?” It won’t. You can read about that in another blog.

The sharp eye trained to perform thorough car safety inspections also assists you when reviewing the standards of our windshield services. At Amarz Auto Services, we are committed to the highest standards while still helping you cut costs. But not at your safety’s expense!

Now that you know more about windshield services costs and ensuring your safety, you can visit our auto shop for windshield repair & replacement!