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You can only rely on your vehicle when every element is in optimum condition. A transmission will regulate the car’s power and adjust the gear ratio from the engine to the wheels so that it always goes at the right speed.

Your safety and investment are on the line when your car’s transmission fails. If that happens, it is better to recur to transmission repair and auto repair experts: overall. For that, it’s out of the question that Amarz Auto Service is the best mechanic in Greater Toronto.

We service excellent-quality vehicles and count on conveniently located auto shops in the Greater Toronto Area. You can receive high-caliber Transmission & Flex Pipe Repair in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and Etobicoke locations!

Transmission Repair
Transmission Repair


We list the most common signs you need transmission repair for your to keep an eye out for:

  • When your transmission warning light is on, there are issues present that have to be inspected and detected.
  • In most cars, severe transmission problems cause them to grind or shake when changing gears.
  • Any problems like slipping and weird noises that occur when changing or even when it won’t change gears are associated with transmission repair.
  • Burning smells and odors are never good. Getting your car serviced is essential regardless of the cause.


There are several keys to having a lasting transmission. These are good driving habits and proper car maintenance. You can’t ignore your car’s transmission every time you get auto care. Minor problems can escalate, increasing risks and reducing fuel economy.

The other decisive factor is getting professional transmission repair. Before requiring an expensive replacement, recur to Amarz Auto Service for transmission repair. We have two decades of experience, resulting in the best attention and car transmission repair cost, suiting your vehicle or entire fleet’s needs.

At our car repair shop, you’ll receive complete auto care. Not only are our transmission repair services integral, tackling everything from fluid service to mount replacement and more. We thoroughly diagnose and detect the crucial issues to restore your vehicle’s security.

Get trusty transmission repair by a certified car mechanic by calling (905) 564 – 0090 or visiting our shop today!


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