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Find reliable muffler repair in Toronto, Mississauga, and surrounding areas at affordable prices. The muffler is one of the main components you find in your car’s exhaust system. Its main purpose it’s to reduce the noise level coming from the engine.

At Amarz Auto Service, we strive to be the best exhaust and muffler shop in Ontario by providing our customers with a hassle-free car repair service. Our goal is to ensure you get back on the road safely. With our free visual muffler inspection, we will show you where your muffler system needs repair and what might be coming up soon so you can make an informed decision.


Auto mechanic shows the female trainee maintenance of the Car muffler under a car on a hoist

How do mufflers actually work?

The engine produces an exhaust stream that’s extremely hot and loud. The exhaust system ensures toxic fumes are redirected away from your vehicle. Additionally, you ensure the stream is cooler and quieter when it leaves the tailpipe. Most heat is lost when it passes through the exhaust system, so the main purpose of the muffler is to significantly reduce the noise it makes.

Don’t Replace Your Muffler – Save Money With Our Muffler Repair Service!

Why replace your muffler system when you can repair it and save yourself hundreds. Unlike most dealerships and auto shops, we can often repair just the section of your muffler that is broken.  Come in and see what we can do for you!


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20,000 km warranty

Over 20 Years Experience

Certified Technicians

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Stainless Mufflers and Tips Available

Looking to upgrade your exhaust system with a performance muffler or stainless steel tip? With a pipe bender and welder, we can even customize a muffler system out of stainless steel for you. Visit us to see what we can do for you.

Sports exhaust pipe for the car

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