In Ontario, it’s necessary to pass a car safety inspection in order to get a license plate. You can buy and register a vehicle but you’d need a safety standards certificate to put a plate on it. The certificate demonstrates that you meet the minimum safety standards required by law on the date the certificate was issued.


For over two decades, at Amarz Muffler & Auto Service we’ve been providing muffler repair, brake repair, and car safety inspection services to companies and individuals in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you’re in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke or Toronto, rest assured you’ll find affordable and dependable auto solutions with excellent customer service.


Why do you need a car safety inspection?

Sometimes we ignore or don’t know about certain details that could negatively impact the overall safety of a car. Have you noticed that most safety-related issues come up at the worst time? With a thorough safety inspection, you’ll be aware of the condition of your car. However, remember that the certificate isn’t a warranty or guarantee of the condition of your vehicle. In case your vehicle fails the inspection, you’ll have to repair your car as soon as you can.

When do you need the car safety standard certificate?

    1.       When you transfer ownership of a used vehicle (Unless it’s to your spouse)
    2.       When you register a rebuilt vehicle
    3.       When you register a vehicle from a different province
    4.       When you change the status of your vehicle from unfit to fit

    There are government-regulated criteria auto shops must follow to properly inspect for safety.


What do you need to pass a car safety inspection?

You’d need to have these elements in good condition in order to pass the inspection.


Exhaust System: A leak in your exhaust system is dangerous due to the carbon monoxide fumes that could filter in your car.

Brake System: Brakes wear out with time and eventually need to be replaced.

Tires: When tires are worn out, they pose a threat to your road safety.

Steering and Alignment: Serious alignment issues will need to be fixed in order to pass inspection.