Common Car AC Issues and What To Do About Them

If there’s something we love and can’t go without in a vehicle is AC. On a hot summer day, your car’s AC makes car rides 100% more tolerable. It all seems to fall apart when it fails.

Excess aside, car AC issues are significant concerns. When you experience one, you’ll want to know what’s going on and what’s the best thing to do. With this blog, you can get informed about common car AC issues and what to do about them.

How Does Your Car’s AC System Work?

Behind the conditioned air in your car, there is an entire car AC system with different components. Each of these could cause several car AC issues when something is failing. To better understand car AC issues, it’s good to know how the system works:

  1. Compressor:  It is the power source in a car AC system. It receives cool, low-pressure gas, which compresses into a high-pressure and high-temperature gas.
  2. Condenser: Turns high-pressure and temperature gas into a high-pressure liquid by cooling it with the cool air that flows through it.
  3. Receiver/Dryer: Filters and absorbs small amounts of moisture.
  4. Expansion Valve: The liquid expands, turning it into a low-pressure liquid.
  5. Evaporator: The low-pressure liquid boils and turns into a low-pressure gas. The heat absorbed chills the evaporator walls and pushes it through the dashboard vents.

Common Car AC Issues & Their Causes

Now that you know how your car ac system works, we can tell many different components could sometimes fail, and when they do, your car AC issues arise. Spotting signs for car AC issues may be easy, like when it’s not cooling correctly and such. The tricky part for a less experienced person is diagnosing what is causing these problems. It could be due to one or many factors:

  • Weak or No Airflow: This sign is related to car AC issues such as cabin air filters (if your vehicle has them), the mode door, or the blower motor.
  • Blowing Hot Air: This could be due to leaking refrigerant or blocked condenser.
  • Won’t Turn On: When the compressor clutch isn’t engaging, your car can be low on refrigerant either because of wear or a leak. If the system charges, a broken switch or electrical connection may be the source.
  • Reduced Cooling Efficiency: Worn AC clutch, AC compressor, or refrigerant overflow.
  • Other car AC issues that could cause malfunctioning are hose leaks, belts, and hoses damage, ruptured evaporator, etc.

As you could read above, car AC issues can have many potential causes. You won’t know for sure after executing an inspection. Sometimes, you can do a light inspection on your own. Still, it’s always best to get professional assistance not to miss a detail and get the proper diagnosis.

Solving Car AC Issues

When you are experiencing car AC issues, you don’t want to wait long to fix them. The problem could be as silly or as complex as possible. The next step after signs of car AC issues arises to repair it. For car air conditioning repairs, counting on a professional will always be the right choice.

Proper and continuous car AC maintenance is also vital to prevent car AC issues and improve efficiency. You can read about car AC maintenance in another blog.

So, instead of delaying a solution and risking permanent damage to your car’s AC, go to a professional auto shop. Here at Amarz Auto Services, we welcome you with the best solutions at affordable prices!