Common Brake Problems and Why They Happen

While they’re usually taken for granted, your brakes are crucial for your safety on the road. Brake problems are quite a headache if you can’t identify them and letting your car problems go without checking them is a terrible idea. It’s important you know the warning signs of brake problems so you can address them on time. Some issues can be easily fixed by yourself while others need the professional hand of auto technicians 


Having issues with your brakes is very stressful and dangerous for the road. In this article, Amarz Auto Service will share the most common brake problems, why they happen, and what you can do to fix them. You can rely on our car technicians to provide you with a hassle-free automotive experience. That means that we will inspect your brakes to find out what’s actually wrong and we will repair them to get you safely back on the road. It’s why our customers have been coming back for 20 years.

Brake Light is On

Each time the brake warning light comes on, it’s important to pay attention. If you start your car and the brake lights stay on, it could be that your handbrake is on. However, if your handbrake isn’t on but the light is, it’s an indication that you need to check your brake system. It’s hard to tell the exact problem just from a light, but one common brake problem is a leak or low hydraulic fluid. Either way, get a brake inspection as soon as you can.

Soft Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal is super soft and offers little resistance or it goes all the way to the floor when you put your foot on it, it’s an indication of a serious problem. Soft or spongy feel in the brakes is a sign of problems in the hydraulic system or weak flex lines and means that you shouldn’t drive. Check the brake system immediately as soft pedals could transform into complete brake failure. 

Hard Brake Pedal

On the other side of the spectrum, a hard brake pedal also means trouble. Stiff brake pedals can occur for numerous reasons. It could be a lack of vacuum pressure. Without proper vacuum pressure, your brake pedals can progressively get harder and harder. Another possible reason could be the combination valve and the pressure differential valve within. Whatever the reason may be, you can count on Amarz Auto Service to inspect the brakes.

Noisy Brakes

Have you noticed there’s screeching whenever you push the brakes? This shouldn’t happen, and it’s a sign that there are mechanical problems with the system. The noise could be caused by the metal grinding when brake pads are worn out so you have the base metal grinding directly to the rotor or drum. Don’t let this noise go on for too long as you can wear out and damage the rotors and drums. 

Braking Takes Longer

A brake fade is when your car takes longer than normal to stop when you push the brakes. This can happen over time and it commonly occurs when the pad and rotor don’t generate enough friction to stop the car. This problem can gradually get worse if you don’t get it fixed soon. 


Your brakes are essential for your safety and you simply can’t drive without them. Avoid costly damages and make sure you catch these problems in time to treat them. Remember that Amarz Auto Service offers top-of-the-line brake inspection and repair services in Mississauga.